Users manual VW T5 California

How to use the camping specific utilities in the Volkswagen T5 California from Lofoten VW Campers.

Get started driving , if you are not used to Volkswagen transmissions then a common questions is how to find the revers gear.
You find the small ring on the gear lever, just lift it upwards and then move the gear lever to the left and forward, then you go and backwards.

Camping chairs in the tailgate

By definition camping is outdoors living and the Volkswagen T5 California is equipped with 2 camping chairs and a camping table.
The chairs are located in the tailgate, just unzip the cover and there is two chairs they are looked I place by a clip in the mid of the chair.

The camping table is located in the sliding door

Sleeping in the VW Camper

Roof top beds

In the roof top bed 2 persons sleeps comfortable

Beds in the rear sleeps two more persons.

Beds in the rear