Lofoten VW Camper Vacations in Lofoten Islands

Lofoten VW Camper was founded by Patrik and Lena in Henningsvær in 2015.

After 4 years in Lofoten Island and some more years exploring Northern Norway, enjoying the spectacular nature, hiking picking berry’s and mushrooms. Exploring beaches and the sea, climbing mountains.
We saw that it would be perfect to have some thing more suitable way to live while traveling around the fantastic area of Northern Norway.
A comfortable living the days when it rains and the tent is soaking wet, Be able to stay at the pearls the sites where you have the spectacular scenery with out the need to find a hotel or Airbnb.
Above the polar circle you do not find a fine dining restaurant in each corner, a solution with you own kitchen to be able to make the most fantastic dishes with ingredients from the local area would be great.

The passion for small foot print traveling and the convenience of the VW Campers

Lena is a professional photographer and there is lots of equipment to carry and Patrik is found of the ocean and need some gear for fishing, harvesting seaweed and diving equipment.

During winter there is several activities like exploring aurora borealis the magical northern lights, Go cross country skiing, randoné skiing or just explore the nature on snowshoes.

Exploring new territories always triggers our mind and to be able to go where ever you want with a VW Campervan.

Stop at the beautiful sites ,just raise the pop up roof on your Vw California or Westfalia make some good food at the convenient kitchen. Enjoy the elements while sitting around the campfire sharing good memories and laughter. When it’s time to hit the bucket you climb the bed in the pop up roof hearing the distant sound of waves and smell the gentle breeze. 
Are you in to arts and festivals you have a perfect combination with Lofoten VW Camper vacations in Lofoten Islands when traveling around to find the street art around  in the north of Norway. One of the most famous street artist works that you find is Pøbel

Lofoten VW Camper Californian camper van with the pop up roof open on a beach

Is it your time to enjoy Lofoten Islands by renting one of our VW campers ?